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Smoke Detector vs. Heat Detector

Smoke Detector vs. Heat Detector

Aside from looking out for necessary repairs and replacements during a building safety inspection program, you may also be wondering if you should use a smoke detector or a heat detector. Yes, both of these devices can detect fire, but each of these are designed to serve different needs.

ML Engineering and Inspection Services is here to talk about some of the differences between the two and which one to opt for depending on your needs.

Heat detectors are built to minimize property damage by reacting to the change in temperature caused by a fire. If you’re on a budget and your primary focus is the safety of your property, then we suggest going for a heat detector. You can ask our experts to run a safety inspection in your space to see if the head detectors are installed in the right places.

Smoke detectors, on the other hand, are intended to protect the people and the property by sounding an alarm as soon as it detects smoke. This helps give people time to react. But it can be inaccurate at times, since even burning toast on a pan can set it off. When doing a building inspection, you can have your smoke detectors checked if they are in working condition.

Whichever one you chose is up to you and what you need. Having smoke or heat detectors installed are part of building recertification, so make sure to consult with our experts on which option is the best for your building.

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