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Type of Thermographic Inspection Devices


With the continuous development of technology in various disciplines, thermography is a game changer for a 40 year inspection. It allows us to check the insulation of the old building, electrical abnormalities, energy assessment, and more in a non-invasive process and in real-time.

Thus, this technology is beneficial when spotting issues and solving them immediately to acquire a 40/50 year recertification.

During the safety inspection, the assessor may use from among these devices.

  • Spot Radiometer
    The simplest instrument for thermography measures radiation one spot at a time through a simple meter reading that shows the temperature of a given area. The inspector then compiles the data and notes the differences in the temperature.
  • Thermal Line Scanner
    A thermal line scanner shows thermal variations along a line. The thermogram shows the line scan superimposed over a picture of the panned area.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
    As the name suggests, this device can produce a 2-dimensional thermal picture of an area showing heat leakage. Contrary to spot radiometers and thermal line scanners, a thermal imaging camera shows the complete detail of the inspection.

Whatever your preference, ML Engineering and Inspection Services will assist you in thermography. If you are looking for recertification of your building, we are here to help. Talk to us.

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