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Avoiding Electrical Hazards in Generators


Power outages happen. Fortunately, generators can come in handy to save the day and remove the obstacles to business continuity. Since most generators can operate automatically during power outages, they are convenient and very easy to use. However, if sufficient safety precautions and proper inspection are not taken during installation, operation, and maintenance, generators can risk people’s lives and property.

This risk includes shock and electrocution, especially if generators are operated in wet conditions or sometimes in the absence of proper safety inspection. Here, we recommend some safety precautions to practice avoiding electrical hazards:

  • While installing or maintaining the generator, all electricity voltage supplies should be shut off at the source.
  • To avoid electric shock, all electrical connections must be adequately insulated and covered and should not be touched with bare hands or while in contact with water.
  • The generator’s frame and any externally conducting components need to be properly grounded and wired.
  • Cable, wiring, and cord sets must be of sufficient capacity.

During a power outage, generators can save lives, but if they are not installed and used properly, they pose major health and safety risks. We can assist with generator installation and maintenance. We also provide a 40 year inspection.

When you avail of our services, you can also take advantage of our recertification inspection to help meet your building’s safety standards and codes.

ML Engineering and Inspection Services operates following the Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources. Call for our reliable services today!

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