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Electrical Design and Inspection Services You Need


From commercial to residential and industrial buildings, electrical design services play an essential role in the design process. They solve challenges and ensure that these structures are economical, safe, and reliable. Electrical design includes electrical layouts, lighting, earthing, and voltage drop.

The design involves engineers and electrical troubleshooting companies who also make sure that safety inspection is being followed to overcome challenges to create efficient and reliable systems.

Our engineers at ML Engineering and Inspection Services can meet your standards of innovative and high-quality electrical design solutions. We listen and pay attention to every detail of your plans for successful implementation.

We examine your current project to see whether it has been over-engineered and if so, we reduce the complexity of the sketch to lower the cost of construction. You can be looking at a significant adjustment in pricing depending on the scope of your project and the number of revisions we make.

In addition to electrical design services, we also offer 40 year inspection for structures that have reached 40 years old.
We know recertification is important to ensure that your building is still holding up and following safety standards.
As your dependable partner, we can adapt our services to provide knowledgeable inspection and plan solutions without sacrificing accessibility.

For the building safety inspection program and other engineering services, we are the company to trust. Contact us to learn more.

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