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Basics of Electrical Engineering Design


The word “Design” refers to many things. Some are about plans, others are artistic, while others mean a structure. And when we say the word “Design,” the one that comes to mind may be related to art like fashion design or construction like architecture. But what we often forget is that engineering is a design too. Design is vital in engineering, especially since it’s a must under Building Safety Inspection Program.

Safety inspection considers different engineering designs on a structure. One of them is electrical engineering design. Part of getting that permit and license is the flawlessness and logic of your Electrical Design.

What’s this electrical design? Electrical design is the process, plan, and execution of your structure’s electrical needs. It’s part of the factors considered for the 40 year inspection recertification program. Your electrical Design should ensure a high level of safety and low risk for the hazard of your electrical equipment. It’s checking if everything that requires and supplies electricity in your building was developed, tested, and installed correctly. The electrical equipment includes your lights, power distribution, fire and life safety systems, and electronics, among others.

Our staff here in ML Engineering and Inspection Services compose of engineers that understand the standards set and comply with them to a Tee. It’s our way of providing quality work to each one of our clients. It’s how we bring standards to a higher level.

Do you wish to get that building Recertification? Avail of our services, and we will guide you to that.

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