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Why a Generator Is a Good Investment


When you think about it, buying a generator is a good move. Yes, it may be costly at first with the cheap but quality ones ranging around $500.00. But as we live in Florida and it is Florida, having your generator will be handy. And dare we say a good investment. Why do we say so? Here are two of our reasons:

  • The first one is we live in Florida. Our state is beautiful and glorious. Unfortunately, our geographical location causes us to get many tropical storms yearly. These tropical storms can lead to electricity and water shutdown. And if you are running a business, a few hours or days without electricity means income loss. And getting a generator will help your business become more resilient, an important cause supported by the Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources.
  • The second will be the cost per use. Yes, quality generators come with a price. But these quality generators last long, partner with excellent maintenance, and you can still use them even after your Recertification. The investment you made will come back in the form of frequency and length of usage.

Let us here at ML Engineering and Inspection Services solve your engineering problems and inspection needs. And you can trust our experience to help you get that 40 year inspection approval. We assure to provide you with quality service worth your time and money.

If you need someone a professional to install your generator or conduct a safety inspection, come and do business with us here!

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