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Common Electrical Problems in Older Buildings


Electricity is one home repair project where taking chances is not advised. If your building requires repairs, you must rely on a home electrician’s services. This also ensures that you pass your Building Safety Inspection Program.

  • Venerable Light Fixtures

    Light fixtures installed before or during World War II are less likely to be installed with safety in mind. This jumble of wires can be a cause of concern over time. Hence, it is important to have them replaced or have a safety inspection to guarantee your tenants’ safety.

  • Old-School Breakers and Cables

    With the number of changes that electrical safety guides went through over the years, it’s no surprise that the businesses that installed old-school breakers went out of service. Meaning should an electrical problem arise, you would have to replace the whole board. Failure to do so will make you flunk your recertification.

  • Untrustworthy Outlets

    Although three-pronged connections are commonplace in modern homes, this was not the case in earlier times. Likely, you won’t have the third prong if you’re working with outdated outlets. Even though this might not be a safety concern, if you frequently use three-prong (grounded) connections, it might be an inconvenience.

  • Old Wiring

    Aluminum wiring was used to wire buildings at the time since it was thought to be just as safe and significantly less expensive than copper wiring. However, since aluminum wires are now known to be dangerous, it is probably a good idea to replace them as soon as possible with a safer replacement.

To pass your 40 year inspection with flying colors, make sure to contact ML Engineering and Inspection Services. We offer services that will help guarantee the safety and certification of your buildings. Dial 954-233-2665.

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