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The Importance of Structural Engineering Services


Structural engineers are licensed professionals who assess every structural aspect of a building is stable, safe, and secure. They ensure that each building can withstand natural stresses and pressures over time while remaining safe for occupants.

If you want to achieve the 40 year inspection requirements, you need to hire a structural engineer to assess your building’s safety.

Here are other reasons you need to hire structural engineering services for your residential or commercial building project.

  • For new construction, it is best to hire a structural engineer to review your plans and conduct a safety inspection. They will check if your building site is suitable or if there is any environmental impact before construction.
  • For major renovations, a structural engineer helps determine if the significant changes to the overall layout will compromise the original structure or put more weight on the foundation.
  • If you are considering the purchase of an existing home, a structural engineer can help assess any existing damages. Having a building safety inspection program can also help detect potential hazards, such as a cracked foundation or uneven floors.
  • If you are opting to get solar panels for more sustainable living, a structural engineering company like ML Engineering and Inspection Services can assess whether your roofing materials can support solar panels.

Do you need more information about structural engineering? Feel free to contact us! We also offer recertification services.

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