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Signs You Need a Mechanical Services Provider


Mechanical services within your home or commercial building commonly include your electrical systems, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. A malfunction in these mechanical devices not only causes discomfort but can also be dangerous. Hence, a safety inspection is necessary to assess the damage and fix the issues.

As a business specializing in recertification and mechanical services, here are signs that indicate a need for the latter:

  • Short cycling in the air conditioner
    Short cycling is a common issue that indicates a need for mechanical services. This occurs when your unit turns on for a short time, such as for 15 seconds then turns off for about five seconds. This cycle continues without repairing itself and stops the system from reaching your desired temperature.
  • Yellow flame in the furnace
    Several types of furnaces allow you to see inside them. An inspection can be performed to determine if there is a yellow flame in the furnace. Your furnace flame should typically turn blue but when it turns yellow, it could be a sign of dirt on your burner. This prevents gas and air from combusting correctly leading to a less efficient flame.
  • Air conditioner condenser leaking
    If you see fluid leaking beside your condenser, it might mean the fluid is refrigerant. This is the fluid that powers your air conditioner, so without it, your unit may stop working. A professional can patch the hold that caused the leak and refill the system with refrigerant to fix the issue.

ML Engineering and Inspection Services is your go-to provider of high-quality mechanical services for your heating, cooling, ventilation, and air circulation needs. Additionally, we also offer other services including 40 year inspection services. Feel free to contact us for inquiries about our services.

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