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The Common Reasons Why Buildings Fail Inspections

The Common Reasons Why Buildings Fail Inspections

To the untrained eye, a project may seem perfect after all the meticulous planning it entailed. But we at ML Engineering and Inspection Services always say that nothing is as it seems. Far too many factors go into play in making sure that a building is not only secure but stays that way for decades. Such is the importance of a safety inspection.

Many new and even old property owners ask why their buildings do not meet the standards of a 40 year inspection. With our years of experience in the field, we offer the following reasons:

  • Water penetration
    In Florida, where strong hurricanes happen regularly, water damage is a serious problem. Not only does it cause corrosion but also the spread of mold and fungi that attract pests or even pose health risks. Based on our building safety inspection program, inadequate drainage, leaking pipes, and clogged guttering are the culprits.
  • Roof damage
    It’s the first line of defense against rain, hail, extreme heat and cold, fire, and wind. Sagging roofs, decay, and cracked tiles not only leave your property exposed but make standing under it unsafe.
  • Internal deterioration
    Over time, stumps, bearers, joists, walls, and flooring decay without proper maintenance. These make a property collapse if not acted on quickly, making them an obvious no-go in an inspection.
  • Structural movement
    Not all cracks and faults in your masonry should be fixed cosmetically. They may be signs of structural movement, which occurs when foundations in the infrastructure are not able to bear loads.

How can you make sure your building passes regulations? By calling on a team of experts who know your needs and work on your timetable and goals. Learn more about our inspection and recertification services today.

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