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What You Need to Know About 40-Year Recertifications

what-you-need-to-know-about-40-year-recertificationsIf ML Engineering and Inspection Services knows anything about Florida, it’s that its intense climate can wear down any infrastructure quickly. Even buildings constructed with forward-thinking planning, high-quality materials, and top-of-the-line workers will wear down with time. The 40 year inspection process, and consequently, recertification, is in place because of this.

Whether you are a long-time owner of an establishment or a first-timer, it pays to know what to expect for 40 year recertification. Here are things you must know, and how you can prepare.

The Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources requires properties that pass the 40-year mark to be recertified. This aims to uphold construction standards and maintain the integrity of infrastructure for the sake of safety and security.

When a current certification ends, a property owner will get a Notice of Required Inspection from city or county code compliance officials. You will then have 90 days to perform a safety inspection with an expert. Another 150 days will be granted to completely address any repairs before a report can be reissued. Failure to do so can get you loaded with stiff penalties.

Strictly speaking, property owners may enjoy a lot of time between the issuing of a certificate and the recertification. But you should start planning everything out by the 35-year mark to save time and expenses.

Don’t be caught off guard by recertification! Work with experts who make sure your property is up to code at competitive prices and with industry-grade quality. Call us now to learn more.

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