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The Process of 40-Year Recertification


Do you have a structure aging 40 years located in Miami-Dade country? You need a recertification inspection to check the safety of the building. Through the 40 year inspection, an architect or engineer visit your place and certify its safety. After which, the form is signed and sealed.

What do they check during the safety inspection? To certify the safety of your building involves a holistic process of inspections which includes the following.

  • Structural Inspection
    Based on the name itself, your structure will be checked for safety. Foundation, flooring, walls, roofs, and everything that forms part of your building’s structure will be included.
  • Electrical Inspection
    We all want to avoid electrical problems which may cause a fire. The electrical components of your building form part of this process.
  • Roofing Inspection
    The protection of your building is a significant part of the inspection.
  • Fire Safety Inspection
    Are there fire exits? How about fire alarm systems or extinguishers? These will be checked during the process.
  • Windows Inspection
    Your windows should be maintained as well to ensure safety.

Prepare for your 40-year recertification. It always pays to stay safe and save lives. For reliable inspectors, choose ML Engineering and Inspection Services. We can help you comply and satisfy the Notice of Required Inspection by creating a plan of action to resolve potential hazards in your building. Contact us.

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